25,Jan 2022

Professor Nejat is giving an invited on Jan. 17th @ 4 pm for the MScAS program entitled: “Hi, How Can I Help You?“: Intelligent Robots as a Part of our Everyday Lives — From our Workplaces to our Homes".

The talk is open to the public.

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25,Jan 2022

Prof. Nejat gave an invited talk on January 21, 2022 entitled: Hey, Robot, Can You Help Me Please: Intelligent Robots as Part of our Daily Lives

8,Nov 2021

Congratulations to Michael (MASc student) and in the ASBLab for winning the top prize at the Ocado Poster Competition at the RI Workshop on Retail and Manufacturing today. The poster is based on our newly published paper:

D. Dworakowski, C. Thompson, M. Pham-Hung and G. Nejat “A Robot Architecture Using ContextSLAM to Find Products in Unknown Crowded Retail Environments,” Robotics, Special Issue on 10th Anniversary of Robotics, 10(4), 110; (Invited by Editors)

and YouTube video




30,Sep 2021

Our ASBLab PhD member Aaron Tan presented our RA-L/IROS paper entitled "A Sim-to-Real Pipeline for Deep Reinforcement Learning for Autonomous Robot Navigation in Cluttered Rough Terrain," at IEEE IROS 2021 this week. The video can be found on our youtube channel:

27,Sep 2021

ABLab research on Robot Persuasion and Authority was featured in the article entitled "Do we trust robots enough to put them in charge?" in Popular Science:

22,Sep 2021

Congratulations to Shane Saunderson in the ASBLab!

Our research on robot authority and persuasion has been published in Science Robotics:


More info on the research can be found at UofT Engineering News:

17,Sep 2021

Professor Nejat and the Robotics Institute featured in Groundbreakers: U of T Initiative brings together experts to address major societal issues:

21,Jul 2021

 The article below discusses the use of our robots in eldercare at Yee Hong long-term care homes:

13,Jul 2021

Shane Saunderson presents his IEEE RA-L paper entitled "Robots Asking for Favors: The Effects of Directness and Familiarity on Persuasive HRI," at IEEE ICRA 2021. See his presentation on the ASBLab YouTube channel:

13,Jul 2021

Professor Nejat's talk will be on: Growing Old with Socially Assistive Robots: Intelligent Robots that can Help with Everyday Tasks

The conference will be held virtual from Aug. 8th-12th:

13,Jul 2021

The event focused on accessible technology and innovations:

5,May 2021

Prof. Nejat wins the OPEA Medal in Enginneering Excellence. She and the ASBLab are recognized for their robotics R&D work in the following video:

22,Mar 2021

Richard Hu (MASc candidate in the ASBLab) won a 2019-2020 Teaching Assistant Award. The award is for inspiring, challenging and supporting our MIE and EngSci students in the 4th year robotics course MIE443, especially during the COVID pandemic. Winners were selected based on nominations from students. The full article is at:

Congratulations Richard from the entire ASBLab!


26,Feb 2021

The March 2021 issue of Reader's Digest featured an article on the socially assistive robots developed in the ASBLab.

4,Aug 2020

Prof. Nejat has been awarded a grant from CIFAR and Manulife tonew COVID-19 and population health research projects. This collaborative project, led by fellows in CIFAR’s Innovation, Equity & the Future of Prosperity program Goldie Nejat (University of Toronto) and Amos Zehavi (Tel Aviv University), will investigate how socially assistive robotic technology might help vulnerable populations in the pandemic, and how innovation policy could be employed to advance this goal. The expertise gained through this project will not only be pertinent during the pandemic, but will inform long-term integration of robots in care settings, allowing us to understand how to best implement them, ensuring they stay accessible and economically viable for daily assistance.

25,Feb 2020

Prof Nejat discusses the assistive robots being developed at the ASBLab for healthy aging in the article entitled "Your Health: Vision 20/20" in Zoomer Magazine:

7,Jan 2020

Prof. Nejat speaks with National Geographic about our socially assistive robots to support older adults in the January 2020 issue of the magazine in the article "Could a Robot Care for Grandma"

13,Nov 2019

On Thursday Nov. 14th, our team will be presenting at The Next Big Idea Pitch Session at the 2019 Ontario Economic Summit:

UofT news is covering the story: U of T researchers, innovators to pitch ideas for Ontario's growth at annual economic summit

24,Oct 2019

Prof. Nejat gave a dual keynote on HRI at IEEE Humandois 2019

24,Oct 2019

Mingyang presented the following papers at IEEE International Conference on Systems, Man and Cybernetics in Bari, Italy:

M. Chu, Y.-C. Sun, A. Ashraf, S. F. R. Alves, G. Nejat, H. Naguib, “Making Dressing Easier: Smart Clothes to Help With Putting Clothes on Correctly,” IEEE International Conference on Systems, Man and Cybernetics, pp. 3977 – 3982, October 2019. 

M. Shao, S. Alves, O. Ismail, X. Zhang, G. Nejat, and B. Benhabib, “You are Doing Great! Only One Rep Left: An Affect-Aware Social Robot for Exercising,” IEEE International Conference on Systems, Man and Cybernetics, pp. 3791 – 3797, October 2019.