24,Dec 2022

Professor Nejat was invited on the Global News Radio show "A Little More Conversation With Ben O’Hara-Byrne" to discuss our ASBLab robots and how they can help older adults:

How are robots helping Canada’s aging population connect?



22,Dec 2022

Professor Nejat was featured in a Global News article entitled: Conversations with Alexa: How robots are helping Canada’s aging population connect

She discussed the socially assistive robots being developed in the ASBLab and how they can help our older population.

10,Dec 2022

ASBLab members Cristina Getson was one of the panelist  for the panel discussion on: Robots Making Life Easier for Businesses Large and Small

Fraser Robinson and Zinan Cen demonstrated our socially assistive robot-wearables project.




10,Dec 2022

Professor Nejat is giving an invited Planery Talk at the ADI-APRC 2022. The conference is an important meeting for Alzheimer’s Disease International (ADI) in the Asia Pacific region, which serves as the platform for people with dementia, carers and experts in the dementia field to exchange their experiences.


27,Oct 2022

Prof. Nejat spoke with Matt Galloway on Oct. 27th about our AGE-WELL funded socially asssitive robots and the future of long-term care:

The Current with Matt Galloway


11,Oct 2022

Congratulations to Professor Nejat for being named internationally as 1 of "50 women in robotics you need to know about (2022)" by The recognition is for her inspiring contributions to the robotics industry:

19,Sep 2022

Join us on September 20 at 3:00 p.m. EDT, for a Special Edition of the Circle Revive & Thrive discussion with Prof. Goldie Nejat, PhD, and Cristina Getson, BASc, as they discuss the adoption of socially assistive robots in long-term, private, and hospital care. Moderated by Shelley McClure, Circle Facilitator, the event will feature a discussion of new research in this area and outline some surprising findings of a new AGE-WELL study, the first exploratory Human-Robot Interaction study of its kind, in a long-term care home. Practical examples will be offered about how health leaders can use this information in their own environments.

The event is hosted by the Canadian College of Health Leaders.

8,Sep 2022

Congratulations to ASBLab Members Fraser Robinson and Zinan Cen for winning the RSJ Pioneering Research Award in Robot and Human Interactive Communication at the 2022 IEEE RO-MAN conference in Naples Italy for our paper entitled "Socially Assistive Robotics using Wearable Sensors for User Dressing Assistance".


22,Jun 2022

Congratulations to Aaron for his TA work on MIE443:

20,May 2022

Professor Nejat is giving a talk at the IEEE ICRA workshop on Intelligent Control Methods and Machine Learning Algorithms for Human-Robot Interaction and Assistive Robotics on Monday May 23rd, 2022:

and Dr. Shane Saunderson is giving a presentation on his ICRA paper entitled "Hybrid Hierarchical Learning for Adaptive Persuasion in Human-Robot Interaction" on Wednesday May 25th, 2022.

3,May 2022

Prof. Nejat will be giving a presentation on our ASBLab research and robots on May 5th as an invited speaker for the Department of Mechanical Engineering at York University. 

25,Apr 2022

Our socially assistive robotics research was highlighted in the article entitled "The Robots Are Coming" in the Spring 2022 issue of UofT magazine:

13,Apr 2022

Cristina will be discussing ASBLab's socially assistive robots at the Innovation Up Close: Cutting-Edge Products and Services to Support Resident Care Session at the Advantage Ontario Convention on April 21st, 2022:


13,Apr 2022

Prof. Nejat will be discussing and sharing ASBLab's research on social robots, and their implications on society and policy in CIFAR's Virtual Talk: Do robots help us live better lives? on April 27th:

6,Apr 2022

Prof. Nejat is giving an invited talk at the 2022 Bridging Resilience Divides: Technology, Transportation, and Communications” conference at Florida State University’s Turnbull Center on April 14th. Her talk will be in the NSF sponsored session on Older Adults & Technology:


6,Apr 2022

Prof. Nejat is an invited panelist for the 2022 Rehab Tech Summit panel on: Are Robots the Future of Aging-in-Place?

The panel is live on April 8th and will discuss the future of aging-in-place and the place of home robots in it:


3,Feb 2022

The Globe and Mail featured our research on socially assistive robots in the article "How robots can make aging in place more enjoyable"

25,Jan 2022

Professor Nejat is giving an invited on Jan. 17th @ 4 pm for the MScAS program entitled: “Hi, How Can I Help You?“: Intelligent Robots as a Part of our Everyday Lives — From our Workplaces to our Homes".

The talk is open to the public.

For more information, please see:



25,Jan 2022

Prof. Nejat gave an invited talk on January 21, 2022 entitled: Hey, Robot, Can You Help Me Please: Intelligent Robots as Part of our Daily Lives

8,Nov 2021

Congratulations to Michael (MASc student) and in the ASBLab for winning the top prize at the Ocado Poster Competition at the RI Workshop on Retail and Manufacturing today. The poster is based on our newly published paper:

D. Dworakowski, C. Thompson, M. Pham-Hung and G. Nejat “A Robot Architecture Using ContextSLAM to Find Products in Unknown Crowded Retail Environments,” Robotics, Special Issue on 10th Anniversary of Robotics, 10(4), 110; (Invited by Editors)

and YouTube video